Publications for Viola da Gamba:

Viola da Gamba Method
Vade Mecum (scale studies for bass viol)
24 Melodic & Progressive Exercises, Elementary-Intermediate--all size viols
40 Melodic & Progressive Exercises - treble viol
40 Melodic & Progressive Exercises - tenor viol
40 Melodic & Progressive Exercises - bass viol
Solos for Treble Viol: Irish Tunes
Solos for Treble Viol: Jewish Melodies
Solos for Treble Viol: Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas
Tablature for One
Tablature for Two
Tablature for Three
Tablature for All (English country dances set for multiple viols)
Bach Orchestral Excerpts for bass viol
Christmas Carols with a Friend (for two viols)
In progress: John Jenkins Fantasias à 4, 5, and 6 viols to be available free on the internet

Publications for modern Cello alone:

The Cello Gets the Melody Series:
Book One: Irish Tunes
Book Two: Jewish Melodies
Book Three: Musical Chestnuts
Book Four: Country Fiddle Music
Book Five: Winter Holiday Music I
Book Six: Winter Holiday Music II
Book Seven: Selected Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas

Various Other Publications:

5x5x5 for five viols, pentatonic, in 5 (PRB Publications)
Browning for 5 viols (PRB Publications)
Christopher Simpson “The Months” for two violins, viola da gamba and continuo (Dove House Editions--now Loux Editions)
Curtain Tune on a Ground (Purcell) arr. for string orchestra (Fountain Music)
Eight Canonic Duets for Viols or Cellos (PRB Publications)
Elegy and Passacaglia for 3 viols for Leo Traynor (PRB Publications)
High Fives for modern strings and harp (Fountain Music Pub.)
Hoedown (Ortiz Recercada arr. for modern string orchestra (Fountain Music Pub.)
In Nomine (VdGSA Publication)
Irish Emeralds for modern string orchestra and harp -- Fountain Music Pub.)
Jasmine for 4 viols (VdGSA Publications)
Jasmine for piano trio (self published)
John Jenkins: Three Suites for Two Viols and Continuo (Ogni Sorte Editions)
John Okeover Fantasias for 3 viols (VdGSA Publications)
Mosaics for recorder or viol quartet
Prelude and Passacaglia for 7 string bass viol (PRB Publications)
Recorders on Parade for 4 recorders or recorder orchestra (PRB Publications)
Schwartzkopf Pièces à 3 Viole da Gamba and continuo (VdGSA Publications)
Schwartzkopf Trio Sonata for violin, viola da gamba and continuo (Dovehouse Editions--now Loux Editions)
Stabat Mater for choir and tr, tn. b, 7-b viols (PRB Publications)
Suite No. 1 for two bass viols (for Hille Perl) (PRB Publications)
Suite No. 2 for two bass viols (for Ann Stierli) (PRB Publications)
Tangos for Cello Quartet: Tango Tipico, Tano Romantico, Tango Machismo -- (self published)
Trilogy (Sonnets of Elizabeth Barrett Browning) for soprano and 2 lyra viols
Twa Sisters -- soprano and 2 lyra viols (Susato Press)
Twa Sisters -- speaker and 4 viols (VdGSA Publications)
Two Fantasias for Three Viols (PRB Publications)
Variations on “Drmes”, a Croatian Dance -- American Recorder Society Library
When all the Peoples of the Earth -- Kwanza carol arr. for 3 (pub. in magazine of Atlanta Early Music Society)


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